I Bought Some Aht (Art)

A woman at the Monster Mania convention was selling prints of her paintings. She paints these really spooky scenes, and even some that are some what grotesque. I remember her from the last one and wanting to buy one then, but I didn’t. I decided to buy one this time, because it spoke to me.

It’s called “The Whisperers” and I liked it cause of the colors and imagery, and of course cause of the two ghost children. I felt it should be in the house 🙂 Sorry about the photo, it was hard to get a good picture of it late at night. Had to hold the camera at weird angles so the flash didn’t reflect and wash sections of it out.


3 Responses to “I Bought Some Aht (Art)”

Becky Says:

That’s pretty cool! Are the girls actually painted, or are they pictures? Its kind of hard to tell. Either way, its a creepy picture…fits perfectly with your house:)


Davis Says:



Dustin Says:

I believe they are all painted, but I to thought she put photos into a painting at first. The background is definately painted. It’s a print from an original, so it’s kinda hard to tell.