Welcome To My Nightmare!

Oh yes, that is Robert Englund, aka Freddy! The horror movie convention is back in town and I waited in line for I think 3 hours to finally meet him. I fortunately made some fabulous new friends in line. Leave it to me to get in line with probably the only gay and his hag at the whole show. I will say I was pretty much speechless when I met him. I really didn’t say anything, I even forgot to shake his hand! I got the picture though.

A bunch of other people are also at the convention. I just wanted to get Robert first, I have the rest of the weekend to meet the others. Of course for the really scary guest, and moment of the night . . . read on. You’ve been warned!

Now I realize most people are probably asking “Who the hell is that?” Well it’s Cory Haim, that’s the hell who! He was in the same room as Robert, but at a table far away. He came over to see Robert for a moment before leaving to take a long long very long, an unusually long break. His second break in as much as 30 minutes actually. When he was out of the room, Robert joked with one of the people in line that he was taking the photo too far away, for all they knew it was a photo of Cory Haim! Cory was running around, jumping around, all over the place. He was giving the girl next to me a “high” five in this photo.


4 Responses to “Welcome To My Nightmare!”

hot-lunch Says:

how fun!!!


Becky Says:

I’m so jealous! That is a great picture of the two of you. Cory Haim…that brings back memories. Glad you had a great time!


Aravis Says:

How cool! Too bad you couldn’t bring yourself to talk to Robert, but you’ve got the picture at any rate.

Yeah, I remember Cory Haim too. Too bad about the way things turned out there.


josh Robbins Says:

cory haim i tring to figure out if he has his own blog ive been looking but nothing will anyway someone get back to me if they know of one..,