I <3 Kristin!

Very bad language ahead. Well mildly offensive. Broadway music for sure, so don’t play this at work!

I love Kristin. I dream of the day she and Edina do a revival of “Wicked” so I can go see them again.

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3 Responses to “I <3 Kristin!”

Rebecca Says:

haha I put this on my facebook…..absolutely hilarious!


Richard Says:

She performed with the Seattle (gay) mens chorus a few years back before anyone out west had heard of her (just after “Charlie Brown”) and I am happy to report:

1) she loves the gays

2) she is in no way a diva and was willing to do some pretty crazy stuff

3) she really is as funny and talented and hard working as she seems

excuse me for gushing but, she is awesome!! thanks for posting this video


hot-lunch Says:

this is the best thing she’s done since Taylor the Latte Boy!!! Thanks for sharing!!