8 Responses to “It’s Been A Bad Day!”

Brandy Says:

Ouch. That looks painful!!


Becky Says:

That is a huge stone!! Sorry to hear about the vinegar. I hate the smell of vinegar. The whole Twitter thing was a major pain in the butt, hopefully it won’t happen again. Hope today is a much better day for you!


Aravis Says:

I can’t even imagine how much that must have hurt! And the fact that it wasn’t the most painful is scary.

Get rug shampoo ASAP. What a stench. :0(


Carrot Says:

I can’t believe you gave birth to that out of your peehole! You amaze me!!!


WV Nan Says:

That stone is huge–looks very jagged! My dad suffered from these for many years. He passed some, had some ulta sounds done, and had a few surgeries also. Drinking cranberry juice every week or so finally gave him relief. I know some say it’s an old wives tale–but it worked for him. I kept it ice cold and poured it over ice—down the hatch, a very funny face, followed by ice water, and no more kidney stones.

Vinegar smell—baking soda is a neutralizer—how about sprinkling some on the carpet and the sweeping it? Thought it might work. Good luck.


Sherri Says:

Dustin, glad your feeling better. Sorry about the kidney stones. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I’m into medical stuff. I do have to admit though that when you first mentioned the vinegar spill that “ShamWOW” infomercial popped into my head (Sorry)…..
Take care


Dustin Says:

Ugh, we have a pile of those damn things! Unfortunately using them did not pop into my head


Greg Says:

I feel for you, I had one about 4 years ago. They are not fun at all.