I Am A Citizen Of The Planet . . . .

Okay so I watched about 2 songs of the Alanis concert, currently streaming on MSN and decided I had to go. The last concert I saw her in was the acoustic tour. While great, she sat and sang through most of it. If you’ve never seen Alanis perform live, well it’s an experience. I think even people who don’t like her can become fans. She has a stage presence which is mesmerizing, even more so than Queen Madonna. Yes I said it! It was seeing that she performed “All I Really Want” that made me buy a ticket for the DC concert. Next to “You Oughta Know,” that is my favorite song to see her do live. If the Philly concert ever goes on sale, well I’ll be going twice and dragging the BF. I took him once, but the venue sucked as did our seats. He has yet to experience how much fun she can be, especially with her rewrite of “Ironic.” (watch the concert link!)

So in the previous post I mentioned I would make a post about what’s going on with school. This week I went in and signed the papers to make it official, I teach in the fall. At this point the income will be welcomed, as I do not like living off savings and having nothing come in, especially in this economy. I opted for a TA position rather than my own class. I’ve TA’d once, and taught my own class many times. The pay is the same, the difference is between working under someone who plans that class and planning it all on your own. Of course the other difference is when it’s your own class it’s about 30 students max, with a TA class it’s 3x as big student wise which means more grading. It’s been a few years since I taught, so I knew the class I would want would require me probably getting a new book for the course and rewriting most of my lectures over based on the new book. I just don’t have that time with defending in the fall. I chose the TA job over it. It will be another notch on the CV and it’s a class I’ve never taught, which will round out things as well for me. I will say this, I will not be blogging about the class much. I will tell you what it’s about subject wise (when I find out myself) for the interested, but I’m no fool. My name is too easily found on Google and the last thing I need is a student googling me and ending up here to see me talking about something I shouldn’t be!

The other bit of news is that I’m going to present a paper at a conference. I said I wouldn’t ever do this again until I was done with school, but obviously I lied! Again it’s a notch on the CV, presenting papers looks good on your resume. Also this is a conference organized by my advisor, so I kinda felt obligated to go. Plus I feel I can easily churn out this paper with no fuss and muss at this point. I’ve already got it planned in my head, it’s going to be the big picture and how all my data adds up to one important finding. The one thing that scares me . . . . the conference is in West Virginia. Oh yes, I said West Virginia. I will remind you all as it gets closer and I leave for it, because I will need your prayers. I’m pretty sure they don’t really like my kind there. Hey, I saw “Deliverance!”

Author’s Post-Note: The WV comments were supposed to be silly not serious, which I thought was fairly obvious from my comments, but I guess other’s didn’t get that. They were not intended to be insulting in any way. I’m in fact not afraid to go there, I was making a funny . . . or so I thought.


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Becky Says:

I would love to see Alanis live! I absolutely LOVE her!! Thanks for providing the link. Congrats on the teaching position! I imagine you as a great lecturer (I think I spelled that wrong) and I can’t wait to hear what topic you will be teaching about.


Emily Says:

When is the conference? Maybe I can go with you and protect you from the hillbillies 🙂


Dustin Says:

September 24th I think, you won’t be here lol


Sherri Says:

I’m one of those “hillbilies” gasp! I don’t live there anymore but I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I am making an assumption that’s it has to do with my alma mater in Morgantown, though. Curious to know what “WVNan’s” thoughts are on this as well.


Dustin Says:

Nope not there. Shepardstown. I know nothing about West Virginia, except the jokes lol. I think I’ve been to the state all of twice. I grew up in Virginia, so we made fun of it . . . a lot 🙂


Sherri Says:

LOL, Oh Dustin that’s at the tip of the Eastern panhandle of the state. We don’t really consider that WV. LOL That’s too bad you weren’t going to
my alma mater ;-( that would have been cool. I’m sure you’ll have a good trip anyway…:-)


Spark One Says:

First: Deliverance took place in GEORGIA, not West Virginia.
Second: EVERY state has it’s “hillbillies” and backwards rednecks.. Yes.

I’ve been to WV and find that while many of the people in the rural areas lack a wider perspective on the world, they tend to be honest and hard working. If you’re anywhere near a university, you’d also be surprised at the diversity and open-mindedness.

I find it ironic that you’d stereotype people in any way, Dustin. I enjoy your blog and your videos. Please to ruin it for me.



Dustin Says:

Oy! It was not serious in any way, I was kidding around with the West Virginia comments and Deliverance.

It seems any time I kid around I get in trouble. I’m having flashbacks of the Lifetime joke I once made.


hot lunch Says:

I loved her acoustic tour last year… thought it was genius and beautiful! I also saw her during her first JLP tour which was downright electrifying!!!


Becky Says:

I completely forgot about the Lifetime joke! My husband laughed for days anout that and still calls it that!! I found it funny, too…maybe I have a demented sense of humor:)


Carrot Says:

I’m from West Virginia, don’t offend me anymore! It’s BAD NEWS!!


Dustin Says:

No you aren’t, and you I am scared of lol


WV Nan Says:

Hi to Sherri! Dustin–I still love ya! Sherri’s right, Shepardstown is in the far eastern panhandle—not so much WV! I do get teased about being from WV–many people think I’m from the western portion of Virginia. But the best is when people actually look at my feet and seem surprised that I do wear shoes—well–most of the time!

I also was hoping that your conference was in Morgantown–it’s only about 90 minutes from here whereas Shephardstown is about four hours. Sherri—what was your field of study?

I’m from the northern panhandle and I thought for sure you would be in this area—so many Indian burial grounds, archaelogical digs, and famous mounds. The native American Indians show great respect for their dead. Dustin, let me know if you are ever going to be in this area. The northern panhandle is cradled between Ohio and PA—when the state gained statehood the surveyors went a little crazy and did the northen panhandle!

As far as Deliverance—there are some cities in the state that your sexual orientation would be a problem–just as it is in any other areas of the country. I think you would be pleasantly surprised at just how liberal most college campuses are. Bethany College, a well known small liberal arts school about 15 minutes from my home, is the place where my daughter finally felt secure enough to begin to trust. That’s where she met her life partner of now 13 years. Is everyone accepting—no—but if I knew a place in the United States that didn’t have discrimination and hatred I’d be the first to move there.

Will you be in Shepardstown for a few days or are you presenting and then leaving? Either way—I hope you enjoy the experience. Sounds fascinating? Is there a course of study at that particular school—or is it a centrally located for a conference?

For those of you who aren’t fortunate to be “Mountaineers”—remember John Denver’s song—he rightfully claims that West Virginia is “Almost Heaven”!

Big hillbilly hugs,
WV Nan


Dustin Says:

Okay I am now wondering just how far I have agreed to drive now. I was not thinking I would be driving 8+ hours or something lol. It takes me 3 to get home to Virginia, so I thought it would be around there!

The conference is not at the college, it’s at some government research center place, which is more of a hotel for conferences actually. I forget the name.

I’ll be there for the weekend.


Dustin Says:

Oh and PS, I live in New Jersey, I know all about state jokes 🙂 This is afterall the armpit of america lol


Sherri Says:

Dustin please don’t feel used 😉 but this is the only way I know to reply to WV Nan. I was born and raised in the Southern part of the state. Bachelor of Science in Animal Science degree from WVU as well as Surgical Technologist (human medicine) from Morgantown. Also, lived in Wheeling for 4 years so as some might say “Your neck of the woods”. LOL Ok, everybody have a great day and take care….

P.S. Dustin, not that this is a competion but I’m also blonde so I get the state, accent, and blonde jokes. :-)…..


Aravis Says:

I’m just a Damn Yankee from CT, home of the Stepford Wives, so I can’t comment on regional prejudices. *G*

You know, you impress the hell out of me Dustin. I live in fear of the days when I’ll have to give lectures and teach classes as I work on my dissertation, etc. I know you’ve felt anxious in the past before these conferences, but as time has gone on you seem to have become more confident. I hope I can have a fraction of your confidence when my turn comes.


Dustin Says:

I don’t get scared anymore, but I still get a little nervous giving the papers. I am not the best public speaker and I hate reading from a script, I fumble too much I think.

Teaching becomes much easier as you do it. That was nerv wracking at first too 🙂


WV Nan Says:

Dustin, sounds as if you’re going to be at Berkley Springs—beautiful area. The very wealthy used to travel there from DC area because of the “hot” springs and healing water. It was originally named Bath. Now it is known for its historic spa and cultural arts.

The drive from Cherry Hill to Shepherdstown is about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. The drive could be beautiful if the leaves are turning. Keep us posted about the trip and conference.

Congrats on the conference and the teaching job. Keep plugging away at the defense. Any dates yet?


Dustin Says:

I don’t think it’s there, I wish it was, that sounds nice lol.

http://training.fws.gov/ This is the place we are staying, which looks somewhat . . . bland? I have not made a reservation yet, so I don’t know. If it’s full I’m stuck making a reservation at a hotel in town. I think this is a very SMALL conference, not huge like the ones I’ve been to.

I’m hoping by the end of september I’ll have enough written and approved that we will set a defence date. It will probably be in November.


WV Nan Says:

It does appear to be very bland. But the hiking trails may offer some great photo opportunities. Now I’m very curious–just how is your presentation connected with fishing, hunting, and conservation? This tired curious mind could get very silly–so I’ll just wait for your professional opinion!

Have a great weekend!


Dustin Says:

nothing really LOL. I guess it fits into conservation through historical preservation. I will find out the scoop on why it was organized there. I think one of the co-chairs works there.