What A Wonder!

In the post after this I mentioned my “Wonder Woman” room. I wanted to get photos of it for a long time now, but the room always seems to be a mess. The minute I clean it up, I end up piling crap back up on the bed. The cats sleep on the bed and that just makes it a collection of car hair. I just said to hell with it and carefully pointed the camera to try and avoid as much of the mess as possible. You’ll notice cracks in the wall plaster, tacky border strips from 10 million years ago and places where the borders have been pulled down. Repainting this room has always been one of those things on my list of “things to get this house clean and into shape.” Yeah so far it hasn’t happened. It will one day, and it will be a brilliant shade of blue.

Top left: Wonder Woman clock and figures
Top right: Wonder Woman/Lynda Carter signed/framed photos and figures
Bottom left: Wonder Woman painting by the BF, more figures
Bottom right: Wonder Woman bookshelf with books, DVDs figures and dolls.

Of course there are probably 10 more figures around the perimeter of the room I didn’t get captured. I also have a couple more out of the box dolls I don’t have on the shelf yet either.

Oh and since I’ll be asked, the one photo with the painting on the wall, yes that is a Breyer’s logo opposite it. Long story short, it came off the side of an old ice cream truck. It’s probably getting moved OUT of the room though . . .

Recently I thought I would bring up my Xena toys (oh and yes a Ouija Board) from my mom’s house to compliment Wonder Woman. I have a few out of the box Xena figures on the shelf right now (along with She-Ra, who is not in any photos). However I didn’t realize how many fricken Xena figures I had! I basically bought the entire collection of toys when they came out years ago, so I have a bunch. I am probably sticking them on the wall where the Breyer’s logo currently is, as I’m running short on room around the top of the ceiling.

This reminds me, I need to venture to the comic book store to see if any new Wonder Woman goodness has been released.

What I really need to do is move a lot of stuff around in this room honestly. If I could get our other guest room downstairs cleaned up and not so much of a storage room, well we could ditch the dinky twin bed in this current room and put guests in that one if need be. That would open up a lot more space in this room for more shelves and stuff, which I could not only put my toys on, but all my DVDs and videogames (notice in the one photo how they are stacked and overflowing on top!).

PS You SO don’t want to see the Star Wars collection! I have all the original figures and playsets PLUS 3 Tupperware tubs full of the newer figures. I eventually gave up on collecting them, as it became too expensive and Kenner completely started marketing at the collectors market. Plus the newer figures are ugly as sin in my opinion. I did however just find in the basement my collectors edition 12 inch Slave Leigh doll. Rawr! She needs to go somewhere in the room.


7 Responses to “What A Wonder!”

jeremy Says:

Why oh Why do you have a Ouija board? UGH!! That totally blew it for me looking at wonder woman. Get rid of that board. tee hee



Dustin Says:

Yeah yeah I know they are bad lol. I don’t know why I grabbed it, it was there lol.


Aravis Says:

I can’t tell from the photos… do you have “Wonder Woman, Masterpiece Edition: The Golden Age of the Amazon Princess” by Les Daniels? It comes with an 8 1/2″ action figure and a hardcover illustrated book about her. We have it at work, and every time I see it, I think of you. *G*


Dustin Says:

LOL no I don’t have that one. I remember when it came out though. Do they still sell it even?


Becky Says:

I don’t feel so bad now. Our basement is full of put together Star Wars lego sets, set up to depict certain scenes from the movie. That is Travis’s obsession. I never realized that sometimes you have to have 4 of the same sets…


Aravis Says:

Yeah, we have it at my store at a discount price. If you want it, I can get it for you; it would cost even less because of my employee discount. Let me know. :0)


Carrie Says:

OMG my hubby would drool over the Star Wars collection! He is ‘this’ close to being a star wars nerd.. the only reason he isn’t is that he hasn’t been to an actual convention yet LOLOL 😉

Awesome collection you got there, Dustin!