I had gotten a hair cut this weekend, and of course the back and sides were my old dirty brown/grey mix while the top was the reddish-brown I had previously used to dye my hair. I decided it was time to dye it again, but wanted to do something different. I had considered doing a bleach blonde kit, but last time I tried to do that it ended horrifically with my hair an orange color (I just tried to use a regular blonde kit, big mistake!). Instead I opted for something a little darker . . . . I went blue-black! Here are some photos of me on my porch with the new hair.


7 Responses to “I’m Blue, Dobble De Dobble Di”

cb Says:

I like the dark hair on you! Very “clark kent/superman”


hot-lunch Says:

Funny enough, I just went to see The Cure in concert! U would have fit right in there! I love changing up hairstyles, so good for you, it looks great!


Becky Says:

I think it looks great! Its quite the change for you:) Hair is always fun to play with…as long as you stay away from orange!!


jeremy Says:

I think you look beautiful.



moby Says:

I kinda like it too.


Dustin Says:

It’s actually softened a bit, this was the morning after I dyed it. Now the blue is coming out even more. People keep asking me . . . . Is your hair blue?


Aravis Says:

Heehee! I remember the orange hair! *G*

You look wonderful. But then, you always do.

Except when your hair is orange. ;0)