Changing Servers Soon!

First up, my apologies if you’ve had trouble connecting to the site, or it’s been abysmally slow. My server has been progressively going downhill the past few months. Within the past week I’ve been unable to connect several times and that was the last straw for me.

I’m currently narrowing down the search for new servers to move this and some of my other pages to. I hope to open a new account on one by the end of the week and begin moving all my sites this weekend. This should improve the speed of the site as well as eliminate downtime. I’ll make another post before I’m moving, as when you switch hosts there is always a lag between the switchover. Plus other issues often show up, such as broken images and what not. I’m hoping to fix most of those behind the scenes before initiating the final server switch.


PS Thanks to server issues, the blog comments forms all got broken. This should be fixed now! (Just another reason why I need to switch servers!)

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