I’ve never been a huge fan of Weezer, unlike my brother who loves them. However their new video is hysterical. It pulls in a bunch of “stars” who basically got famous thanks to YouTube. I know you all will at least recognize the Britney Guy Chris Crocker. Even Kelly from “Shoes” is in there. Special prop to the imfamous Zero Wing “All your bases belong to us” shows up in the video too!


3 Responses to “Weezer”

boo1 Says:

My son 26 and daughter 20, say to each other, “All your bases belong to us.” Then they crack up. I ask what does that mean and they laugh at me. I still don’t get it, what the hell does that mean???? LOL I liked the video, I recognized a few people. I had seen the Britney guy video’s, and the guy who danced at his computer…..seems like he was one of the first youtube stars. The band was great, I have to look up some of their other songs.


Dustin Says:


That’s the link for the “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” video. It was one of the first viral vids on the net. It is from a really old video game that was poorly translated into english.


cb Says:

I love it because its clever!