Lovely Day In Philly

I’ve been in a piss poor mood lately for a lot of reasons I won’t go into here. Let’s just say any little thing can and has set me off lately.

Anyway, today I went to Philly to see my friend Jen, who I haven’t seen in months. We kept trying to plan something, but it never happened. Plus she had a baby back in December, so obviously that made things a tad more difficult. We finally made firm plans and met today.

We went out to lunch in the city. It’s been awhile since I have bothered to go into Philly (what with all the shooting and crime rate lately who wants to!). Several new restaurants have opened up, as well as shops, so it was nice to see some neighborhoods doing there best to present a good front.

Later we went back to her place and hung out. She had the Mario Kart game for Wii so that’s what we played. I have two of the previous versions, but hadn’t got the new one yet. It was on my list to get eventually. It was so much fun, especially the online options. You can play from people all over the world. Very cool.

Anyway, we are invited to her “Fifth of July Party” as that is when the riverfront in Philly is doing the fireworks. Given her vantage point to them in the city, she’s throwing a little party on her rooftop deck. So we’ll be going to that for sure. We also realized we have to be better about hanging out more often. She expressed interest in going out one night, so maybe we’ll make plans for a dancing night. That could be fun, though honestly neither of us knows where to go in Philly anymore! It’s probably been over a year since I’ve gone dancing in Philly.


2 Responses to “Lovely Day In Philly”

WV Nan Says:

Hi Dustin,

Hope your emotional roller coaster finds resolution soon.
Making that time to spend with a friend was a great idea. Visited my daughter a week or so ago and we went to Philly for the afternoon–an Italian festival—wow–people everywhere. She and her partner go dancing every once in a while and really enjoy themselves. She knows safety is my main worry. I’ll ask about a few good places to go dancing. Sounds as if a night out relaxing and dancing with friends would be good for both you and Jen.

Have a good Memorial Day.

WV Nan


Dustin Says:

WV, next time you come up send me an email, I’ll come hang out with ya 🙂 Feel free to pass the blog along to your daughter, never can have too many local friends. Hell most of mine have or are moving away lol!