Vacation Photos!

Okay so I still don’t have the recap of the cruise, but I do have my photos online. I actually have my photos online from this years cruise, last years cruise, as well as Orlando/Miami, San Diego, and last years trips to New Orleans and Vegas! You can see all the photos on my Webshots Gallery. All the albums with “NEW” by them are the ones I uploaded tonight. Nothing has descriptions though, so you’ll have to figure it out or write your own 😛


3 Responses to “Vacation Photos!”

Janelle Says:

Yay for photos! I love looking at other peoples photos. Does that make me weird?


boo1 Says:

I’m weird also then Janelle, I love looking at pictures. It doesn’t matter who’s pictures. Dustin, the photos were very nice. I can’t believe how big that ship is. They make the food look so festive. I’m a little jealous 🙁 and hungry, lol.


Becky Says:

I want to go on a cruise, too! They look like so much fun. And Janelle, of course we are not weird…we are perfectly normal:)