The Nightmares Of School To End Soon?

So it is the end of the semester. All of the sudden it comes to my attention, I’ve been registered for 2 classes I have not attended all semester long except for the very firsts classes. Somehow with my very busy schedule, I just forgot I was registered for them and didn’t go to them . . . for the whole semester. This means of course two Fs and automatic expulsion! Nooooo! There are variations of this dream of course, such as I attended half the semesters, but didn’t do half the reading and now have books upon books to read before next week’s final. When I have nightmares lately, these are generally it!

I am supposed to graduate by the end of this semester (May), so says the school 🙂 My time is up, and I either have to give up or apply for yet another extension. This takes me beyond ten years, which could be an issue. When I first started, 10 years was the limit. To get beyond ten years you had to have a really good reason and the school had to approve it after some petitioning. Now though that 10 year figure has gone poof in the guidelines, you simply have to keep applying for and being allowed to have extensions. Why the 10 year figure when away, I’m not sure, I have my theories that it might have something to do with how long it is now taking people to finish undergrad alone.

I am determined to get this dissertation done once and for all by the end of the semester, to end these dreams once and for all, to close this chapter of my life. Plus I’m currently working at getting stress out of my life, the dissertation is a major part! I’m a little over half way to finishing it. Actually probably more, since I already know the majority of the results. They just have to be typed up and proved with statistical graphs I’m currently making (but I know enough to know what the graphs will already say). Come next month I’ll be working on the dissertation full time 7 days a week (hint hint), something I have not been able to do and has dragged my progress down. Therefore I expect to have it done come May. However editing and getting my committees’ approval to defend by then? Well that’s another story at this point! My advisor though has me applying for graduation in May, when the time comes we’ll deal with what needs to be worked out.

Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes! Big ones coming up in my life, soon and fast! I’ll get that post up about that big decision too, but something tells me enough of you have enough info now to figure it out 😉


4 Responses to “The Nightmares Of School To End Soon?”

WV Nan Says:


I know how stressful the dissertation can be. My daughter finished her Math PhD a little over a year ago. She practically went into hiding. Now it’s done and she is LIVING life again. Your time will come, too. About your big decision—I haven’t figured things out yet–only glimpses of ideas. So for the sake of the newbies, please post soon—before you go into hiding 24/7.

I enjoy your soap site, your blog, and your pictures. Best wishes for a successful disertation and a very helpful comittee.

WV Nan (grandson’s name for me!)


Megan Says:

yah! tell us what the suprise is. I have no clue.


Janelle Says:

Dustin, I’m with Megan- I have no clue! and 10 years, WOW! I’ve been reading you for like 10 years! My how time files when your having fun 🙂


Tammy Says:

Hi Dustin! I read your Passions and Days recaps and just recently found your blog. I laughed so hard when I read this post, because I still have these same nightmares, and I graduated from college almost 8 years ago! Isn’t that hilarious? Keep up the good work! You’ll be finished soon! Thanks for the great recaps on your soap pages. I’d be lost w/o you 😉