Okay I Made You Wait Long Enough . . .  The Big Decision

So a few months back, actually now that I think about it several months back, I had blogged about a big decision I was facing. I made it, but couldn’t comment on it and didn’t know when I could. Now because an announcement has been made, I can. Well, kind of an announcement has been made, but not everyone may know about it yet.

*Sigh* Here goes . . . .

As you may or may not have heard, I have in fact sold my site SoapOperaFan.com to one of the companies that advertise on my site. The sale was actually made months ago, I had just stayed on to continue running the site for the time being until they took over. It now seems they are finally going to be taking over soon, and even posted on the site’s forum about the site being sold and what not. It’s not on the main site yet, but soon changes will be made there and it will become evident. Probably within a month I’ll no longer be working on the site anymore, or if I am in a very limited capacity while they take over and get the hang of things.

I’ve actually been waiting to be bombarded with emails about this from the forum, but they never came. Most people who post there asked me questions, I answered them. I had also written this standard explanation right after the sale and plan to set it as the “auto-response” for my email when the time comes and I start getting tons of emails about what happened. Here’s what I wrote . . . .

I’ve been doing my various soap pages (Days, Another World, Passions, The O.C.) for almost fourteen years now. What started out as a hobby essentially blossomed into pretty much a full time job over the past several years.

For well over a year I had been receiving offers from parties interested in taking over or purchasing the page. I turned down initial offers, but a year later when more came along, I was at a point in my life where I had some choices to make regarding my future. As many of you may or may not know, I’ve been in graduate school for a long time now, and I’d really like to finish! The soaps were supposed to be a hobby, not my life and career, but that’s what it started to feel like for me. Due to the fact that I am now on a very strict deadline to finish school, I opted to make the difficult choice to give up the page.

Other issues also factored in my choice. As I have said, it was not an easy choice as the page has been so much a part of my life for almost 14 years now that I couldn’t imagine not doing it anymore. That in and of itself was a major issue for me believe it or not. I felt I was putting too much of my time into the page, sacrificing school, personal time, and well a personal life for the page at times. As many who have been with me for a long time know, I would even keep the page up to date while on vacation. Let me tell you, that doesn’t go over well with those you vacation with!

So all these factors contributed in my decisions to give up the page, and I truly hope you can understand. Again this wasn’t an easy choice for me, but essentially for so long I feel I have put the page first and now it was time to put me first.

Well okay that pretty much is the explanation and reasoning why, but to be honest a little was left out of the story 🙂 I had received my first offers 2 summers ago, but it just came out of the blue, I wasn’t prepared at the time to even enter negotiations of that kind without fear of being taken to the bank. I basically said not at the moment for a few reasons, but would be open to talks in a few months. I figured that would give me time to get my stuff together I needed, and it would give me time to decide if this was something I really wanted to do. They didn’t call back though, I guess they lost interest. Then a few months later came the decision at NBC to cancel “Passions” and remarks were made that “Days” future wasn’t so solid either past 2009. Immediately I thought about the opportunity I had to get out while the going was still somewhat good and wondered “WHAT DID I JUST DO!” I was pretty sure at that point nothing like that would come along again. Of course “Passions” was picked up by DirecTV, but “The OC,” another show I covered, got permanently canned around the same time. I honestly didn’t expect to ever get another offer for the site, imagine my surprise when I got two!

So here I was with two more offers to buy the site. I knew at this point I couldn’t just say I need time, I need to think about this some more. I did that before without even hearing any kind of offers and regretted it, I didn’t want that feeling again. I examined my options, the way the shows seemed to be heading, the fact had I gotten out the summer before I probably would have finally finished school already. What should I do? One option of course was to keep the page and either ride the current shows out till the end, and then possibly pick up some new soaps if need be to keep the page going. I always got emails asking me to cover this soap or that soap, so I knew it might work. However it also meant adding more work on, something I didn’t have time for, as well as the fact that I really didn’t feel like “starting over” with soaps I knew nothing about as is. Plus I had around this time started exploring doing more stuff with primetime shows, as that’s where more of my interest was laying (hence The Primetime Dish was born).

So I worked out a deal to sell the site. Of course the ironic part is now that I’ve sold “Days” is the best it’s been in years story-wise. “Passions” however has been canned yet again, and there is still no certainty that “Days” will survive past this year. No looking back though, only forward to whatever the future holds 🙂 I am keeping The Primetime Dish, and once my dissertation is drafted I’ll probably explore expanding it a bit. Oh I have ideas for it, just no time right now. I also actually have a few other site ideas I have been itching to launch when I get the time.



18 Responses to “Okay I Made You Wait Long Enough . . . The Big Decision”

Becky Says:

Good for you! As much as I will miss your “Days” page, I’m happy to hear that you are putting yourself first. I do hope that the transitions goes smoothly for you, both with the new company taking over the site and with you giving up the site. I always thought you were crazy for keeping up with the posts while you were on vacation:) I can only imagine what a hard decision this must have been for you. It is time for you to enjoy the soaps without working on them!!


Janelle Says:

Dustin! Your days page was probably the first website I ever found, visited and whatnot- you know what I’m saying. I remember looking at that page when all I had was that computer thing that hooked up to your tv, the keyboard sat in your lap- have any idea what I’m talking about?? Anyways, it’s like loosing a friend! I totally understand though. As long as you keep your blog and primetime dish then I can be ok with this…but wow! It’s like the end of an era for me. Please don’t get me wrong, I understand totally and I agree that you did the right thing. How you had time to do it all is beyond me! Well, congrats- I think this will be a good thing.


boo1 Says:

You worked hard to build the BEST website. I am so happy for you. I will very much miss your writing about Days. You put that very personal touch in, that made it magic. I hope you got lots of money, invest well.


Rach Says:

Congrats Dustin on your new adventure. I’ve been a long time reader of your Passions page, and have always enjoyed your “thoughts” the most! Even though I don’t watch Passions anymore (live in Canada), I still read your thoughts every week to keep up!


Stephanie Says:

Good for you! Although I will miss reading your thoughts and all the special “Dustin” touches the Days page has, I will be excited for you to finally finish school! Education is something that NO one can ever take away from you! Congrats!!


WV Nan Says:

A big congratulations Dustin! I had no idea that was your surprise. I found your Days site quite by accident and have followed you for a few years now. I am definitely going top miss your “Thoughts” comments more tha anything else. But I know just how time consuming graduate school and disertations can be. Best of luck in all that you do with your degree and your “hobbies”!

Will you be keeping your blog? Here’s hoping so even if it’s a few lines keeping us informed about your graduation process. If not, thanks for being a part of my life and the lives of many others—giving us a glimpse of Dustin’s World!

Congratulations and best wishes,
Nan from WV


Dustin Says:

Yes I’ll be keeping the blog, as well as the primetime dish site. When I get time again I have a few other projects I want to launch 🙂


emily Says:

WHAT? You’ve sold your site? How could you? I’ll never speak to you again.

Hey! Stop cheering about that!



Dustin Says:

Smartass 🙂


grammie97 Says:

Now I know why I the link to your blog was no longer there…LOL What a big decision and such courage to make it…it seems one can get so comfortable in an area and hate to leave it…congratulations on all you do…I will really miss your thoughts on Days, but will follow your blog as long as you allow us… Keep up the good work and keep blogging…thanks for many happy years on Days….if the new people keep it up half as well as you did it will be ok..but not nearly as much fun! Take care….


Carrie Says:

Good for you, Dustin! I’ve been following your Days page for over 11 years now. You’ve laid one hell of a foundation for the site, and it won’t be the same without you. But…I’ll follow you wherever you go! LOL you’re on my blogroll, and I can’t wait to see what future website ideas you have 🙂


Rebecca Says:

Wow! That is a big decision!

14 years is a long time! Then again, I think I’ve been going on the DOOL page every once and awhile for about 6-7 years.

Hopefully now you can finish your thesis and start new adventures! 😀


Malia Says:

Who is going to do the “Thoughts” section? That is my favorite part of the page! Good luck to you, I have been visiting your page forever, infact there were huge months of time where I didn’t watch Days for one reason or another and managed to keep up by reading your site. I will def. miss your touches but wish you all the best! Thanks for keeping up this blog, you many not know all of us, but I and others I am sure, consider you a friend since we have known you for so long now!
Will you still be watching Days?


Cheryl Says:

Congratulations on the sale! I loved reading your thoughts pages but I understand you have to do what you have to do! Good luck with your dissertation!


Lori Says:

Way to go for doing what is best for you! I loved the Days sight for keeping me updated when I couldn’t stand to watch it anymore, but hey,, IT’S ONLY A SOAP! This is your real life that needs to take precident, so awsome job on the site for the many many many years I have been reading it, but a bigger WOOOT WOOOT for you getting on with the more in important things, like real life!


Martha Says:

Congratulations, I know that was a hard decision to make. I’ve been reading your Days page for the past 10-12 years and Passions since it started. I’ll definitely miss your work on it, especially your “Thoughts!” You built a wonderful page!

But, what’s important is that you made the best decision for you. It’s great you’re so close to getting your dissertation done and heading into the “next chapter!” Best of luck with the dissertation and looking forward to updates on this blog!


Aravis Says:

Congratulations Dustin! That’s great news!


Tara-Lynn Says:

Hey there…I have been reading your Days page forever, and always enjoy your news and thoughts. Congrats to you on the sale, but may of us will miss seeing you there!