In Virginia

So I’m back home in Virginia. My mom is having surgery on her foot tomorrow, nothing serious, hopefully. I do get to rise before the sun does, my favorite thing in the world! I have enough trouble rising at a decent hour, getting up earlier is going to be mucho funo!

I told the BF I wanted to name the kitten Pilgrim, he agreed it was cute and fit, so I think that is his name. It was hard to leave the little @%#$!$!. I should have brought him with me, the BF will forget to give him medicine and already I had to tell him he’s supposed to feed it multiple times a day, it’s a growing kitten. He didn’t know . . . . he’s only had how many other cats?

Other than that, not too much excitement going on. I plan to hopefully get a butt-load of work caught up by this weekend. I’m also meeting Keith on Saturday for shopping, lunch and maybe a movie.


4 Responses to “In Virginia”

Emily Says:



Aravis Says:

I hope you have a great trip, and that your mom’s surgery goes well.

Grim is a survivor, as you’ve pointed out, so I’m sure he’ll survive your BF until you get home. *G*


Becky Says:

Hope all goes well with your mom. Have a great time with Keith and I hope you get some work done. And Grim will be just fine:)


boo1 Says:

Sending prayers for your Mom.