My mom’s surgery went fine. She’s home and has a follow-up next week. She has a pin in her toe that has to be checked, to make sure the toe doesn’t turn color, get infected, etc . . . Ewwww! I hope I never have to have a pin in part of my body that protrudes outside of it.

The dogs of course are living Virginia and the big backyard to runabout in as usual. I had planned to give the stinkers a bath, because they literally stink. However Princess has gotten into so much crud that her hair is all knotted in places. I’ve been fighting with her all day to comb them out. She’s not happy with me right now! Nikko never seems to get this knotted, but he for some reason hates being brushed and always runs to hide. Brat!

My mom bought me all these classic Christmas special DVD collections to watch through the holidays, so I’m in the midst of watching some of them now. I think I’ll get back to that. Some of these are so rare I think they probably only aired once and never again!


5 Responses to “A-Okay”

Christine Says:

I LOVE Christmas specials (TV and movies)! Mind sharing some of what you’re watching? I’d love to order, if I can, some new ones for my collection.


Aravis Says:

What are the Christmas movies?

And I’m glad that she’s doing well. I had a pin sticking out of my wrist when I had surgery on it a few years ago. I joked that I was the bride of Frankenstein. *G*


Dustin Says:

One collection is the standard Bankin Rass stuff (Rudolph, Here Comes Santa Clause, Etc)

The other is by St. Clair Vision. It’s 13 Hours of Christmas specials called “The Christmas Collection” 36 Holiuday features on 3 DVDs.

DVD 1 has a lot of old TV show specials: Beverly Hilbillys, Jack Benny, Some Liberace special.

DVD 2 is Classic TV Specials. The only ones I am familiar with are Jack Frost and Night Before Xmas, the rest are really old cartoon specials, like 10 minute shorts. Very neat.

Disc 3 is old Made for TV movies. There is the original 1935 version of scrooge, then a television version of Miracl on 34th Street, and some other stuff.


boo1 Says:

Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. I’ve been watching all the life-time Christmas movies.


hot-lunch Says:

Glad things went well for your mom!