I Finded It I Did!

When I wasn’t looking for it, there it was! My underwater camera I blogged about a week or two ago from an old cruise that I misplaced. Well I found it. I had put it in a storage bin and slid it under the guest bed. I knew I hadn’t lost it for good, I just put it somewhere I never would have thought to go look for it.



4 Responses to “I Finded It I Did!”

Sherri Says:

Maybe the new kitten had something to do with it?:-)


jeremy Says:

This struck me as odd, but quite interesting. I had a dream about YOU 2 nights ago. There you were in the middle of a dream, and I was like, what is Dustin doing here? It was a great dream. It was quite cozy!!



jeremy Says:

The explanation is now up on my blog…



Becky Says:

Glad you found it. Hopefully the pictures turn out:)