Here are some photos of the kitten! I took him to the vet today. Negative for all the bad kitty disease tests, was de-wormed, given his first set of shots. His paw paws had poo stuck to them and where infected 🙁 They had to scrape it off and he has some open wounds, so he’s on antibiotic right now.

I’m not sure what his name will be. Of course the BF’s already picked out Tristan or Mordred after King Arthur. Um, no and no. He needs a name that reflects him, not some silly tradition of naming cats after knights. Not that the other cats even know their names, he’s not around enough to call them by name, so they don’t know them as far as I can tell. Percy might, since I call him by his name all the time, but they don’t come running when I call them that’s for sure.

I am currently thinking of calling him Grim, short for Pilgrim. He showed up around thanksgiving and is a survivor, so I think it fits. The BF can pretend his name is whatever, but it’s not. I’m the one who will be calling him, I’ll teach him his real name. Plus since I take him to the vet, I’ll name him there too. Hahah!

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  1. aww he looked so much like my old cat that was named Toby. My dad had rescued him and his brothers/sisters after someone had threw them out of a moving car into a very busy street and my dad was working at a gas station. He ran out and got them out of the road and got rid of all but one. He looked so much like the kitten does!!

  2. Karen – your little grey cat looks just like mine!

    Dustin – I LOVE the little kitten – good luck with him!

  3. He is so cute! In my best John Wayne voice, Howdy Pilgrim. I love the name. You need to gather all the pets together for a family shot. I showed my daughter a picture of your cat with the long tail. We have a large fat orange female tabby.

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