So seeing as I have become the keeper of the cats in the house, I had forbid the BF from getting anymore. After all I’m now the one who feeds them, changes their pans, takes them to the vet. It’s the changing and cleaning the pans that gets me the most. Some of these cats are big cats, and big cats make big poops! Anyway, he’s become a bad cat daddy, so no more for him. So it was of course bound to happen. Last week the cutest little kitten just appeared at the farm. It looks to be about 8 weeks old. It’s only the one kitten, nobody knows where it came from or how it would up here. So people at the farm had been leaving food out for it, it wouldn’t come near humans. Slowly it warmed up to people and is now the friendliest little thing. Unfortunately it’s getting cold out, and I’m just afraid one day it will try and follow the scent of the BF across the street and get smooshed (yes this has happened before with grown cats dropped off at the farm by people who can’t or won’t take care of them). So reluctantly, it looks like we are getting another cat, unless someone at the farm wants to adopt him and quick. I’m calling the vet in the morning to have them look at him, as I don’t want him in the house with the other pets until I know there are now worms or fleas infesting him.

PS Yes I’ll take and post some photos tomorrow 🙂 As of yet he doesn’t even have a name, so I don’t know what to call him. The BF has a habit of naming all his cats after knights of the round table. I’m a bit over that, and since I have to take care of this thing, I’m naming him.

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