Throw Your Arms Around The World At Christmas Time!

I set the village up, but it needs more. I need to put lights under the snow, and I need better cotton for the snow. For the time being I used a leftover bag of spiderweb cotton from Halloween. It isn’t terrible, but I didn’t have the patience to fiddle with it and make it perfect tonight.

I also need something else on the mantle. My original plan was to hang a holly garland, but the BF has a drape thingy we’ve used in the past and that will do. So tomorrow I may brave TarJay to get some twinkle lights and better snow.

I wanted to get more to add from Macy’s, but as is the mantle is pretty full! Plus the people who remade the village last year have no products to display on their website this year 🙁 I wonder if it didn’t fare well and they nixed it? Christopher Radko had bought the rights to the patent or what not and released it last year as SparkleTown.




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