Black Friday

Today is the day, Black Friday! I did not wake up early enough for the door buster sales. Frankly I’d rather not wake up before the sun does if I can help it. Some of these stores were opening at 4am, that is just ridiculous! You have to be giving stuff away to get me shopping that early. Plus the door buster sales are the same each year. Since I do not need a new HD flat screen TV, surround sound system or a new PC; there is nothing that appeals to me. Oh I also don’t need 10 year old movies on DVD for 3 dollars either. I might venture out tomorrow just to see what is left, I don’t know. I looked at frequently but wasn’t impressed with anything they were offering.

I finally took down the Halloween village this week. The mantle is bare, so I’m pulling out the Christmas village to put up there this year. Last year the nativity went there, but the ever expanding village of Bethlehem (the nativity is one of those get a new piece each month by mail deals) is too big to go there this year. I also plan to hit Macy’s at some point to see what new pieces I can add to this village. Last year they had new versions of this village I got from my grandma, the old cardboard houses flocked with snow and glitter that you stick a light in the back of to light up. They are old and ratty, because they weren’t well packaged; so I’d like to get some new pieces to add in.

Yesterday for Thanksgiving I did go with the BF and his brother to the house of the employee that invited us all over. They were nice enough, but it was exactly what I had feared, dinner with a gigantic family, some of the families friends, none of whom I knew. I won’t ever do that again, especially on a holiday! I just don’t like sitting around and having people who don’t know my try and make small talk with me. It makes me uncomfortable.

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