Dreamin of Vacations

First up, everyone going on the cruise in January spoke with our new referred agent at the top company. We had to fax in all our documents showing we had paid for our cruises and were given confirmations. We are promised we are being taken care of today, the cruise won’t be canceled. Oy! As it turns out, yes it looks like a bit of embezzling, but that word of course wasn’t used. Payments were simply taken for the cruises but not applied to the cruises. Nice way of saying our money was borrowed for awhile?

Last night I had odd odd dreams! I dreamt I was in New Orleans, but it wasn’t actually New Orleans. I can still see the streets and the restaurants, but I’m not sure where it was. It’s one of those “I know it’s somewhere I’ve been, but I’m not sure where” moments. Maybe it is a past life in a dream? Who knows! I do know when I went to dinner I ordered turkey. Yeah, just turkey. I don’t know why. However instead of bringing me a whole turkey, which is what I expected, they brought me Bambi! It was a deer, dead, sitting on a platter, fur and all! EW! I guess killing Bambi finally came back to haunt me!



3 Responses to “Dreamin of Vacations”

DavidMo Says:


sounds like you are at a crossroads where one path will lead you back to where you’ve been…


jeremy Says:

These are reasons why we book directly with the cruise lines. You never know where you money might go in the meantime, if one is not careful. lesson learned????

I hope you are feeling better



Becky Says:

I’m glad the cruise isn’t being cancelled on you. After all this headache inducing stress, I hope it is this trip of a lifetime!! Hopefully, Bambi will no longer haunt your dreams…