So Keith and I both called the cruise line directly tonight to see if they have our money. Nope! They have our initial deposits made months ago, but not the final payments. We basically have till Saturday to get this resolved or the cruises are canceled. We have records that we paid the travel agents, but it seems the money never got to the cruise lines. This is just smelling of a huge embezzlement scam, which is probably why the travel agent’s franchise was suddenly revoked.

I’ll never ever ever use a travel agent AGAIN!

People are scum.


2 Responses to “It’s Getting Worse By The Moment”

Becky Says:

Oh Dustin, that sucks big time. I’m so sorry to hear that the cruise line never got your money. Something really does smell fishy about this. I hope that you and Keith are able to get this resolved by the deadline. Good luck!!


Aravis Says:

If you can prove you paid- and you can- then they either have to honor the reservations, rebook you on another cruise, or refund your money.

I’m sorry you’re having to go through this!