First up, the drama for the day. Last week I got a confirmation letter from the travel agent that the cruise for January was paid off in full. I also this weekend reserved a hotel down in Orlando for Disney, which we are doing prior to the cruise. Well today I get the lovely letter that the travel agent and his agency, which is a franchise of a corporate agency, have basically left the building and all his clients have been referred to the corporate office. I emailed Kieth, as this agent is the one he’s used for years and I thought he might know what happened. He hadn’t yet received this letter, so he called up the office. All we know is that the franchise, for undisclosed reasons, was terminated. They are now trying to sort through the records and make sure everyone is taken care of, but they had no updated records that Keith’s cruise had been reserved or paid off :-\. I fired off an email to see what the status of our reservation was, hoping I’m not going to have produce bank statements and the such to show it’s been paid off. It may actually come to that if they have no records for our cruise reservation as well. Needless to say we are all sitting around hoping this will be resolved and we are all fine.

In other news, Emily is trying for movie night this coming Saturday. We shall see 🙂 Speaking of movies, I finally got around to watching “The Reaping,” which starts Hillary Swank. It was okay. In the movie Swank’s character is a religious studies professor at LSU, and a former ordained minister. She spends her time proving that there are scientific explanations for so-called religious miracles. She has lost her faith, but we don’t really know why. We later find out why through a series of flashbacks. Meanwhile in the movie she’s called to investigate a small town which seems to be being visited by the 10 plagues of the bible, and they are blaming it on an evil little girl who lives out in the bayou and is “the work of the devil.” It’s less of a horror movie and much more a thriller/drama. By the end of the film you’ll figure out what is going on, but it is neat how it all pieces together with flashbacks of moments in the film. The story was good enough, but at the end you realize the main twist has already been done before and very recently actually. I won’t point to the movie, as that might spoil the end for those who want to see it. I will say no, it’s not “Sixth Sense.”