It Finally STOPPED Raining

It has been rainy, sold and miserable since my last post up until about 3-4 hours ago, when the sun came out and it got insanely warm. It hasn’t been a pleasant past few days and I’m hoping not to see rain for awhile.

Emily, having to go to LA tomorrow for work, had to cancel movie night. Probably for the best as usual I had a bit of a headache yesterday and have far too much work to do. I’m taking a break from writing right now to type this.

I’ve popped in “The Birds” to play on TV so I have something going. Nothing else is on and I do enjoy this movie, tough I’ve seen it many many times. I plan to watch some other movies later tonight when I’m done writing. Alas, I don’t have high hopes (The Reaping and Return to House on Haunted Hill).

I wish I had more to blog about right now, but I don’t. I guess my life is currently in a rut with not much excitement at the moment.


One Response to “It Finally STOPPED Raining”

Becky Says:

Sometimes no excitement can be a good thing. Good luck on your work and let me know how the movies are, I’m kinda curious about them.