Thankful for Rain

First up, sorry for neglecting the blog. It’s been one of those weeks! Tomorrow at the farm was supposed to be an educational group coming in. The corn maze at the farm is a big Native American head, so they were coming to do that, take an educational hay ride and they wanted a lecture on the Native Americans of the area. They knew it could be done because the BF’s sister had given a similar lecture when her son was in this class last year, based on the artifacts found on the farm. However she ran by me what she said last year and planned to say this year and of course I was like “Um, well you can say that, but it’s basically a guess rather than anything based in fact.” So I gave her some correct things to say and said I’d try and write some stuff down for her. Of course this turned into me just offering to give the lecture to these kids, especially since she lost her voice this week. Well I figured I’d simply write that chapter of the dissertation and then I’d use that for the lecture to these kids, an all be it abbreviated and watered down version. I dug all the articles out to write it, started it up, but fortunately rain has delayed it till next week. Whoo! I actually want the chapter done by this weekend if possible, but I didn’t really want to be up to the wee hours of the dawn doing this.

It’s the time of the year when I realize all my hopes and dreams of getting into better shape for the upcoming vacation haven’t happened! I do this every year, and every year at this time is when I think “Hey I’ll just go back to being a vegetarian till the cruise to drop a few pounds.” Of course I can never follow through with it, even if I try hard. I’ve been thinking of trying it again, not only to shed a few pounds, but because of headaches. I have found myself having lots of headaches lately, some due to stress, but a lot due to diet. I thought I would try and eat more healthy and make sandwiches at home, but I made the mistake of using deli meats. I think all that processed yummy goodness didn’t like my body very much! Of course I could just cook up some meat and use for sandwiches, but the likelihood I’d do that is sliiiimmmmm. One of the reasons I became a vegetarian years ago is because the only meat I ever really ate just wasn’t good for me. I’ve fallen back into that trap again lately, so it might be time to see if I can go back to just no meat at all. I’ll think about it 🙂

This Friday Emily is coming over, we are attempting another movie night as well as to finally get our butts into the corn maze. Here is hoping there won’t be any rain Friday night. While it might set the atmosphere for scary movie night, it would suck for the maze.


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Aravis Says:

The headaches don’t sound like fun, but the corn maze does!