A Hammering In My Head

So my allergies persisted after Keith left, so it definitely wasn’t his dog. I deduced it was just that time of the year, the trees are changing, the leaves are falling, achew! I went and got some Clariton D and did a somewhat good cleaning of the house. Can I just bitch about buying Clariton D for a moment. Thanks to meth heads, it’s now behind the counter and you have to show your ID to get it. Before they basically took my address down and simply made me sign a book. Now however they’ve gotten high-tech and are scanning my license. I don’t think I like that very much! I’m probably going to have to get my doctor to write me a prescription, as I don’t need the government deciding I’m buying to much and coming knocking on my door.

This weekend is Xanaduuuuuuuu! Taking a bus up to New York on Saturday to meet Emily, we’ll do dinner and then the show. Originally we were planning to stay the night, but since hotels are insane in the city and her hotel was way outside of the city (she’s there for work), we are just driving back after the show. Next Friday we are trying for another movie night and to finally do the corn maze at the farm.

I had intended to try and get my butt to the movies today to see “Halloween.” It basically disappears from theaters this Friday, so if I want to see it I have to do it now. Of course I was hit with a migraine today, so I nixed it. I feel I’m behind with work so I probably won’t go tomorrow unless I can make myself do the 10:20 show. Otherwise I’ll be waiting till Christmas which is when it comes out on DVD!


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hot-lunch Says:

omg tell me how it is!! i can’t wait! i’m going to see Olivia Newton John tonight in concert!! And i’ll be in New York next month and I think Xanadu is gonna be on my list of shows to go see!! Please do a review!!