Good Times! AKA What Is Going To Happen Next?

Holy hell, that is about all I can say right now! Last night at 3amish, the BF got hit with a kidney stone. He hobbled downstairs, I went down a bit later when he didn’t return to check. He had taken a percocet and was on the couch writhing in pain. He decided he wanted to stay downstairs as the cold floor was there if he needed it. I went back to bed, there really isn’t much you can do for a kidney stone but drink and hope to pee it out quickly.

Around 6am the alarm went off, he wasn’t back. I went down to check on him, to see if it was still bad. It was. That’s when I had the pleasure of discovering the empty pill bottle on the dogs bed! I said please tell me this was empty? It wasn’t, but it was now! Nikko had grabbed it off the table next to the couch where the BF set it and decided it would make a chew toy. I’m sitting here looking at the dogs, not knowing when they did this and freaking out. My vet is literally right down the street, I was about to throw them in the car and rush them there. However I soon found the pills were piled on the other couch. Nikko had taken the bottle, broken the cap off and dumped them everywhere, taken the bottle with him to another bed to play with. Of course I’m still standing here thinking, God did they eat any of them though? They seemed fine and just one probably would be enough to send them to doggie heaven rather quickly. I then stayed on doggie coma watch for an hour, to make sure I didn’t have to rush them to the vet. Fortunately they are fine.

Of course my migraine is now returning. I shouldn’t be even be on the PC as is. I am also waiting for whatever horror is to happen next. Perhaps I’ll get hit with a kidney stone, though I did just have two small ones about a week ago myself.


4 Responses to “Good Times! AKA What Is Going To Happen Next?”

hot-lunch Says:

yikes! sorry to hear about both the doggies and the kidney stone!! hope everyone is alright!


boo1 Says:

Hope the BF passes the stone quickly, ouch. Thank Goodness the dogs didn’t eat the pills. I also hope you’re feeling better, no more migraine. Your bad day vibes came my way today. Took my van in to get the brakes looked at. Found out I also needed both front outer tie-rods. My daughter and I hop into my car to go pick up the van, yea, the car wouldn’t start. So my DIL came over to take me. On the way home the van is running terrible, grinding terrible when I brake, and making some terrible noise when I turn right or left. So I have to take it back tomorrow. I always feel so stupid when I take my automobiles in to be fix. I sometimes wonder if they do nothing, take the money, and laugh after I leave. I know nothing about cars. My Aunt watches them fix her car, she stays at the station all day if need be. If it takes two days to fix she stays untill closing and goes back the next morning as soon as they open. So here’s hoping for better days for me and you.


Aravis Says:

I hope you’re all doing better soon, and that the doggies are ok!


Becky Says:

Glad that the doggies are doing ok. I would’ve freaked out if that was my dog! Congrats on keeping your cool with this situation. Hope your BF is feeling better. And try to enjoy your weekend.