Summer Days, Fall Nights

It’s that time of year, the days are still warm enough for shorts and short sleeves, the nights aren’t. The past few nights walking the dogs in my summer jammies and flip flops I’ve froze my butt off. Same around the house late at night, it’s an old and not well insulated (okay not at all) house. Time for the fall/winter jammies to come out, though I don’t have any! I need to hit Kohls and but some I guess, my old ones I think I threw out because they were a wreck.

Lately I’ve been tuning into “American Gothic,” the old TV show from 95. I didn’t watch the first time it was on. The BF kept bringing it up every time we watched “Medium,” as Jake Weber is in both shows, so I have rented the DVDs from Netflix. Bizarre show for sure! I do like it, but it only lasted one season, so I know I’ll be left with an unresolved cliffhanger at the end. I hate when networks cancel shows and leave the viewers hanging!

Last, but not least, for some reason I’ve decided I want to try my hand at doing a few videoblogs. I have web cams to record them, but nothing to really edit them and post them. Sure I could do a one shot deal, hope I don’t screw up, and put it on youtube. However I’d rather be able to post them here, as youtube advertising to the whole world a tad too much for my tastes. Anyone have recommendations of some good video editing software? Easy to use would be nice. Free would be nice too, but easy to use and free normally don’t go hand in hand 🙂



4 Responses to “Summer Days, Fall Nights”

jeremy Says:


We use windows Movie Maker which is part of our upgrade package. Unless you have a Mac (cough) you’d use I movie…



Tina Says:

We just bought a Mac and it is AWESOME for video editing,in fact here is the first video we have made with the Mac :

Yeah..the video is a little silly…but hey its our first one…lol.
It is a lot of fun editing on the Mac with all the great sound effects and special effects and it is easy. You can get very creative with it. That all being said…none of this advice helps ya unless you happen to have a Mac…lol. But if you are in the market for a new computer…I highly recommend an iMac 😉


Dustin Says:

Yeah I don’t have a mac 🙂 I have some basic software from cannan, mostly for editing the movies on my camera. I’ll probably have to go find something in the store that will do what I’m looking for, editing, splicing, maybe adding text layovers and segways.


The Persian Says:

I can’t wait for the videoblog, would be cool to see you animated.

I had one last year and did about 20 episodes. The only issue I had was the 1-2 hour process time each night. I got frustrated.