I got my new pajama bottoms and decided to include a photo šŸ™‚


Yes, I did in fact buy Super Mario jamie pants. I know I know, you wish you had some too! They say, for the curious, ” Who’s Up For Italian.” I think that’s a tad sexual for Mario? I’m not sure. Oh well. Oh there is a better look at the china cabinet always behind me when I’m on cam. It always gets comments šŸ™‚ When I get the video editing software for my first video blog, I’ll be sure to mention it.

I leave you tonight with a commercial from the 80s for my favorite all time cereal, Fruity Marshmallow Crispies. Damn you Kellogs for stop making it!


6 Responses to “I’m Bringing Sexy Back”

jeremy Says:

“Aye Que Escandolo!!”



Lesa Says:

OMG! Where did you get those PJ’s? I must get a pair for my son.


Dustin Says:

I found them at Kohl’s šŸ™‚


Dana Says:

Thank you for this blog. It made me laugh. I have had a horrible day and really needed that!


The Persian Says:

kool pants! *spank*



moby Says:

I think they would look better around your ankles.