The Ghost Is Coming For Me

I had terrible dreams last night, ones that don’t foretell a good future for me. For some reason I kept dreaming the ghost in the house was after me, wouldn’t leave me alone. At one point I remember them materializing in front of me just like in a Hollywood movie. I remember screaming at him to leave me alone. I kept waking up, and no matter how hard I tried to force myself to dream about something else, I kept dreaming about that damn ghost! Of course every time I woke up, I was paranoid and looking around the bedroom, sure he was in there.

Needless to say I’m even more anxious about next Tuesday night when I’m going to be home alone!


6 Responses to “The Ghost Is Coming For Me”

jeremy Says:

If your dreams are haunting you then, before you go to bed, rewrite the script. Change the outcome of the dream and find out why the ghost is following you around? Direct conversation with spirits is possible – you just gotta try.

I thought about you last night since on Coast to Coast we were talking about spirits and dreams. Pay attention to your dreams and when necessary get some answers instead of waking up with more questions.



Aravis Says:

I like Jeremy’s suggestion. I might add this, though:

We often substitute one thing for another in dreams. You’re afraid of the ghost in your waking life, so it could be symbolizing a fear in your dream, not of the ghost itself, but of something it might represent consciously or unconsciously. What is the significance of the ghost, and what does the dream symbolize?

Or it could just be that because you’re afraid of the ghost and worried about it pestering you while the BF is gone, that you’re already dreaming what you’re afraid of. In which case, stop worrying about ghostly visitations while BF is gone, and the dream will likely stop as well.


hot lunch Says:

u should ask a friend or two over and u can have a sleepover party or something!


boo1 Says:

Have you or your BF seen a ghost in the house? Heard it, felt it? I will tell you about my Aunt’s house, after your night alone. I agree with the other poster, could you invite over a friend for the night? Maybe stay with a friend or family for the night? My husband has worked nights for the last 28 years. So I was fine being alone at night and then later just me and the kids. My son and his wife had to move back in with us for 11 months. I got so use to my son being here at night, I felt so safe. After they moved out I feel scared at night. My soon to be 20 year old daughter is here but I still feel uneasy at night. My neighbor hood has really went down the last few years. Lots of crime and creepy looking bums walking around. I also had to stop watching the show hauntings because it was giving me the creeps thinking about the stories at night. If we lived close you could stay with us on tuesday, we could talk Days all night long. 🙂


Dustin Says:

BF has seen it, full on. The ghost,well one of them, actually dated his sister in high school1 Killed himself when he was 16/17. Therefore he knew it was him.

I have seen a shadow of a ghost pass by me, though the BF was actually running up the stairs, but it wasn’t him.

Felt the ghosts and heard them though, a lot lol. I am just going to have a lot of animals in the bed with me 🙂 If they growl, I’ll know something’s up.


boo1 Says:

The animals in bed is a good plan. I would also keep the lights on and put the cover over my head.