Cleaning House, Cleaning The Blog

The house, which was oh so clean only two weeks ago, is starting to show signs of dirtiness. I’m trying to keep it tidy as is, so I don’t end up wasting a whole day cleaning like I did two weeks ago and fuming over all the dirt. It would HELP if the BF would fricken open all his mail, which is piling up. I threatened him it would go in the trash if he didn’t open it. I think this weekend when I clean up the kitchen and desk area, I’ll be gathering up all his mail (which I have sorted) and just hiding it. I’ll see how long it takes him to notice it is gone, then I’ll say I told you to open it or I’d throw it away!

I’ve also been trying to clean up the blog. Since merging it with my old one, the categories are a mess. I need to go through them all, fix the broken pictures, refile a bunch of the posts. Uhg, I’ll get to that one day 🙂 No I’ve been slowly doing it here and there, but it won’t affect anyone unless they go digging through the archive. I am also trying to tweak the layout and side columns a bit. Again, most people won’t notice anything is up really. Oh and yes, one day I’ll eventually get that dang photo gallery of mine up to date. I think I have 2-3 vacations to post photos of! Too many things to do, never enough time to do them. I’m also working on a few other side web projects, which if I can ever get actually in presentable order I’ll unveil. Right now they are so way down on my list of things to do though I’m not sure when they’ll see the light!

Anyways, I’m off to watch a movie, if anything good I’ll be sure to give a report/review.


PS My new ATM card came today! Yahoo!


One Response to “Cleaning House, Cleaning The Blog”

Aravis Says:

I’m a binge cleaner/organizer. I wait until things become too messy, and then I go into a frenzy until everything is cleaned, gutted and the leftovers are in their proper place. I have a husband, however, who is much like your BF. He never puts anything away, and where he drops something, it tends to stay unless I do something about it. Frustrating! And part of the reason why I don’t tidy up all the time. It feels pointless- it’s just going to get messed up again almost as soon as I do it.

But I’ll tidy up again. Soon now, I think…