Uhg, I feel like a moron! On my birthday I went to an ATM, one of the drive up ones, to get cash to pay for Cheesecake Factory and some other stuff I was picking up that night. Well it seems I left my card in the ATM! I didn’t realize this till yesterday. The card has been closed, nothing fraudulent has happened so far, so I am safe. However I’m without an ATM card till next week. I have no way to get any cash this weekend to do shopping or anything! Grrrrrrr! I hate having to put things like groceries on a visa or something, but I guess it will have to be done!



2 Responses to “Cashless!”

emily Says:

You know, ATMs capture cards after about 15 seconds, if they are not taken. It’s probably sitting at the bank, safe and sound.


Trish Says:

I’m not sure how I came across your site. Anyway, I’ve been there. And don’t you feel like such a dumbass doing something like that? I know I sure did. And I’ve almost done it a couple more time since.

I always heard that the ATM does indeed re-capture your card, and then instantly shreds it. And it is a pain having to get a new card, then having to wait for it.

Don’t feel so bad about having to use credit for a while. Think of it this way…the money you’d be spending from your checking account will still be sitting there for you to pay your VISA bill when it comes due! Just don’t spend it on anything else. 😉