DuhNuhNuhNuhNuhNah You Say Its Your Birthday?

birthday.jpg So today was my birthday. The big 32! It wasn’t a terribly eventful day I’m afraid, and there isn’t only about 50 or so minutes of it left of it.

For dinner I got takeout from the Cheesecake Factory. It was between that and PF Changs . . . it was hard to choose but Cheesecake won in the end because of their desserts . . . especially the godiava chocolate cheesecake . . . Mmmm mmmm good! As usual I ordered more than I could eat, so I’ll have it for tomorrow as well.

The BF got me a Kodak digital picture frame! I’ve always wanted one of these things! I’m currently going though all my photos and trying to find ones I like to put on the frame for the slide show 🙂 I have about 5 years of vacations to go through, not to mention photos of the dogs, the dirty photos I take of the BF when I sneak up on him . . . .



6 Responses to “DuhNuhNuhNuhNuhNah You Say Its Your Birthday?”

Alana Says:

I hope you had a good time on your birthday. Those frames are so cool!


DWQ Online Says:

Awesome. Happy Birthday. And be sure to post the pictures you use so we can see — especially the dirty ones.


jeremy Says:

Happy Birthday to You !!



Aravis Says:

Happy birthday, Dustin! *G*


Musicguy Says:

Happy belated b-day. All the best!


hot lunch Says:

happy belated birthday!!!