Pre-Birthday Gift

magicbullet.jpg Today I came home from picking up the dogs at the groomers. I found a package on my door step. It was addressed to me and said Happy Birthday next to my name. It was from the dental super store. Needless to say I was afraid. Had someone gotten me some kind of electric tooth brush for my birthday? The box was large, I could only surmise that there was a lot of dental products in there. What a crappy birthday gift I thought.

I opened it, it was the magic bullet! It’s this blender kit from TV, one of those infomercial products. I always wanted one, and my chat friends got it for me. Awwwww, so nice of them. So now I have to blend and chop anything and everything I can stick in it 🙂 I told Emily we have to have another slumber party soon so we can use it to make salsa, dips . . . drinks! Yes we can make frozen cocktails with it! Though summer is over so it’s probably not the best time of year for frozen drinks. Oh well, we’ll still make them.



6 Responses to “Pre-Birthday Gift”

boo1 Says:

Happy Birthday! I’ve been reading your Days page for a few years. Thanks for all the hard work you put in. I check your page and blog daily. Nice birthday gift.


Blanca Says:

i still want to know why it was from the dental super store…? lol


Allison Says:

Happy Birthday Dustin!


Dana Says:

Happy Birthday!!


DWQ Online Says:

Ummm — so the big box of dental goods for your birthday that I just bought you should be returned? I mean it’s a pretty good size box and I really thought you would appreciate all the toothpaste, floss, whitening kits, etc.


Erica Says:

My mom got the magic bullet a few yrs ago and for some reason got a second one for free, which she gave to me. The only things I have ever used it for was to make whipped cream and to make milkshakes. The milkshakes have become the main use though…take the mug attachment and add some ice cream, 2 ice cubes, and some milk…set it up and just let it go. And the best part is…you make it in the mug! I hope you enjoy yours!