Wind Chill Review

Last night I watched this movie “Wind Chill,” which was just released on DVD. I am not sure how I feel about it honestly. It is a disturbing and unsettling story for sure, but I screamed bloody murder at one point which means it gets points. I was also creeped out and unsettled, as well as surprised by the ending.

The premise is that two students, a guy and a girl, are ride sharing a car from college home to Delaware for Christmas Break. During the ride the girl soon figures out something is up with the boy, who has a crush on her and arranged this whole thing to get closer to her. Then they are involved in a car crash, wake up in a snow bank, the car won’t work and there is no sign of the car that hit them. As they struggle to survive, eerie and odd passersby begin to show up, but don’t seem to speak to them . . . . they are being haunted by other car crash victims!

What I liked about the movie was that it surprised me in the end. Through the whole thing I was waiting for the inevitable, predictable ending to the story . . . . which had been done a million times over. However they didn’t go there! What I also liked was that the movie was creepy in its presentation of the ghosts and there were a few good shock moments, one that made me scream really loud. What I didn’t care for as much was the mishmashed story, which only kinda made sense at the very end.

A good rent if your looking for a ghost story that will creep you out, but prepare to be a bit frustrated.


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Becky Says:

that looks good I just added it to my queue list