It Finally Happened

I had JUST started getting back to the gym after hurting myself way to much lately and it happened, the toenail finally fell off. Uhg. It’s so gross looking now. Seriously, worse than when the nail was on there and funny colors! Hopefully it will heal over quickly though.

I tried to make the Big Mac sauce I listed below. It turned out okay, but I didn’t have any relish. I thought I could steal the little I needed from the farm (they usually have some for a hot dog machine), but they had none! So I just made it without the relish. I think the relish may have added a bit more flavor. Oh I also used light miracle whip and french dressing, though I don’t think that had any impact really.

Speaking of food, I have been ordering Schwans the past few weeks. Mmmm mmmm good . . . . but 5 added pounds later I am thinking “Perhaps this wasn’t a good idea!” Then I bothered to actually look at the information on the packages of some of these things. Holy hell, no wonder it’s so good, it’s a calorie and fat fest!

Only other thing going on is that the remake of “Halloween” opens this weekend. I really want to see it, but I know I’ll come out hating it and wondering why the hell they remade what was already a classic. I have YET to see “Harry Potter.” It’s still playing, so I know I should get to the theater and see it. I also wanted to see “Hairspray” and “Transformers” this summer too, but never did. They are all surprisingly still in the theater though!

Oh the BF’s brother is coming tomorow afterall. I have to clean the guest room up as the cats have all been up in there and it will make him get all congested and stuff.



One Response to “It Finally Happened”

Aravis Says:

I lost a toenail in the Spring. It took a little while for it to grow in strong, but not long at all to start growing in.

Let us know what you think of the Halloween remake. I’m thinking of seeing it when it’s free on cable.