I Choose You Evil Wizard!


I gave up on the facial hair experiments, the evil wizard look has filled in and I’ve shaped the side burns enough so that they aren’t too rednecky/mouton choppy.

The big labor day weekend is upon us. Wish I had something exciting planned, alas I don’t. I will be doing work as usual! Website, school, etc. The house is clean clean clean, so I don’t have to worry about that for once!

I do hope to make it to the movies at some point 🙂



4 Responses to “I Choose You Evil Wizard!”

DWQ Online Says:

Fabulous. And I love your cabinet behind you. Very nice.


Aravis Says:

Looking good! And I hope you get to go to the movies at some point over the holiday weekend. :0)


Becky Says:

Looks good. I like that look still ! Evil wizard look !!!!


CJ Says:

Evil warlord indeed. Looks good though that is a great straight 😉 shot in your profile. Dye jet black that would be sooooo cool! Your a handsome fella.