Like, I Can

This has been all over the local news today. It happened last week but 1) I didn’t watch the stupid Miss Teen USA Pageants and 2) I usually just don’t watch the news cause it’s pointless. So to many I guess this is old news!

Miss Teen South Carolina attempts to answer the question “Why 1/5th of Americans can’t find the US on a world map.”

She gives a really dumb answer, then goes on to talk about . . . well . . . I’m not exactly sure.

Poor thing, this will haunt her “for like eva!”



3 Responses to “Like, I Can’t Find My Country On Mapquest And Stuff”

Rebecca Says:

I had to watch it twice to really “understand” what she was saying.


Blanca Says:

I love how Mario Lopez is trying to not burst out laughing!! first time i saw it too, what a joke!


Aravis Says:


First I’d heard of it, too.