The Final Look?


I think I’ve run out of ideas and will settle for this, the evil warlord/wizard/tyrant look. Not the best pic, I’ll update it once everything fills in a bit more in places 🙂 Oh and yes I was tired as hell when I took this, as I had to get up at 7:30 am for DirecTV and went to bed around 2am the night before! Uhg! They did however come and it’s installed. Also the Verizon deal includes long distance! So after a month’s evaluation of DirecTV and how it does through storms and what not, we may be making the switch over. I think we’ll only save about 20 bucks a month, but we’ll get a whole lot more with DirecTV.

Last night I apparently sawed some SERIOUS lumber. When I was finally woken up and alerted to this, as the BF couldn’t take it anymore, I was completely congested. So therefore I am about to go do a massive cleaning of the house. It’s far overdue at this point.

– Dustin


One Response to “The Final Look?”

Becky Says:

Like this look better !