As Tangina Barren Said . . . .

“This house is clean!” It only took me till 9pm, but I got the sucker clean! I even changed all the filters in my hepa filters, which should help keep things a tad dust and allergen free. Anyways, I now have to catch up on email, something else I’ve basically neglected as of late. Fun fun fun! Have some bills to pay, then maybe I’ll be able to kick back and relax a bit.

I took the google ads away today, but brought them back cause it was asked about. Basically I thought maybe the select ads that kept popping up were a tad offensive and I didn’t need to get comments on them. But oh well! Hopefully my latest bloggings will soon change the ads. It is kinda of interesting to see how they change base on what I blog about.

The BF’s brother is probably coming down this weekend. Tis the time of year for his weekend visits to help out at the farm, and soon he’ll be moving in for the Xmas season. More on this later. I do have an alert to post soon . . . lol . . . be scared!



4 Responses to “As Tangina Barren Said . . . .”

DWQ Online Says:

I think it would be fun to work a farm. At least for a few weeks. See how it is.


The Persian Says:

I hate cleaning, seems like the only time I do a complete job is when company is coming over. I guess that’s pretty sad.

Do you actually get money for Google ads?


Dustin Says:

You only get money if someone clicks on the ad. I am not expecting to make anything lol. I just wanted to see what ads showed up based on what I blogged about.


Aravis Says:

Oh no, not the dreaded brother! Good luck with that. *G*