Books and TV

The cover art for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was revealed today. Spoooooky! I can’t wait till this book comes out. I will be doing nothing but reading that weekend. No sleeping!

In other news, Lucy Lawless is going to be playing Tanya Austin (aka Tanya Turner) in the ABC version of “Football Wives” (aka BBC’s “Footballers’ Wive$”). I love Lucy, but I dunno about this one. It could either rock or be awful. Hunky Eddie Cibrian is playing Jason.



2 Responses to “Books and TV”

Aravis Says:

I’m so looking forward to this book, and dreading it too because it’s the last.



Rich | Championable Says:

Sadly, I’ve never read a Harry Potter book. I think it’s because my wife got to reading them with the kids, and the movies came out, and there was so much Harry Potter in our house that I just didn’t go down that road.

Kinda like me and the Grateful Dead. There was so much Dead among my friends that I just never got into ’em.