Your Music Sucks

Last night was the “girls night out.” Myself and my friends Mary, Jen and Emily made the rounds in Philly. We weren’t going to check it out, but first we went to Woody’s. This is one of the biggest and oldest gay bars/clubs in Philly. They do country line dancing on Fridays till 11pm, then the music switches over. Woody’s recently got bought out and got a whole face list as well. I had heard terrible things about it, but we decided to check it out. The clubs new rep didn’t disappoint! As soon as the country people left the place got really deserted, far more deserted than it should be on a Friday night. It was also filled with a very ghetto crowd and the music was ghetto inspired. We decided we weren’t spending the evening there. Plus my friend, drunk at the time, insulted the DJ by asking when he was going to stop playing this shit. Keep on truckin Woody’s, you’ll soon have nobody left in your club!

We then headed to 12th Air Command, a place we hadn’t been in years. It was HBOs Rome night, you could tell because a lot of people were dressed up like gladiators and such. The dance floor had been expanded, the music wasn’t so great, the place was dead. One of the gladiators went after my friend Jen in a big way, which upset this little gay boy in the club! We eventually left there as well.

We next headed to the Bike Stop, only to learn they closed their dance floor long ago.

We finally ended up at good old Tavern on Camac. They have the best music in Philly now, but the problem is the space is so small and they can become so crowded that it’s not really fun. If you can’t even move around, what is the point? Here is hoping they expand real soon because they are the only good place left to go!


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