Found A Winner In "Wicked Little Things"

So if you have been a follower of my blog, you know I’m a horror movie junkie. You will also know that I have felt most of the stuff put out by Hollywood these past few years has been utter crap. The home video market hasn’t been much better. Most of it seems to be populated by movies that appear to have been made with a home VHS camera and edited on a PC. These movies are of course neatly packaged to look like a Hollywood production, fooling you into renting it, only to have you cursing when you start it up.

Lately there have been commercials airing for this series of horror films, “8 Movies To Die For.” They are straight to DVD movies, though one appears to be a commercial film from Japan. I honestly thought upon seeing the commercials “great, more home horror movie crap.” However having to actually fill my rental Que with something, I added “Wicked Little Things” to my list. I watched this movie last night, wow was I surprised!

The plot goes as follows, woman’s husband dies after lengthy illness, leaving woman short on money with two young girls to raise. Woman finds out husband owned a family home in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Woman sells everything to make as much money and moves family to the home, sight unseen. Woman and kids arrive to find the house is a wreck, the neighbors are bizarre and of course, there is a history to the house and the area. The history in this case is that the house is part of an old mining community and several children were killed in the mines years and years ago. The children are now zombies that come out at night to feed.

The movie was well done. The make-up and gore was a little hokey at times, but it was pretty much a top notch production and included a good cast that could act. While not scary, the movie definitely had a creepy feel to it. It’s basically “Children of the Corn” meets “Night of the Living Dead” and set in a mountain wooded setting. Two things made this movie. The first was the environment. The woods in this movie are just creepy, like “Evil Dead” creepy. You watch this film and thing to yourself “Why the hell are they going into these woods at night?” The second thing that made the movie was the sound. Every time the zombie kids were around or were coming, there was this unsettling high pitched buzzing sound. It just set a disturbing mood.

All in all, two thumbs up! I plan on renting the others in this series and hope they are as good as this one was.


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