Still Waiting For The Fun To Begin!

So last night I did go to Fados and had a yummy burger, too full for the bread pudding. I met Jen and her new beau, Kellie wasn’t feeling up to coming out. It was kinda odd it just being me, Jen and the new guy. It looks like we are all (Kellie and others) planning a movie night on Friday.

After Fados we planned to go to South Street, but Jen decided we should stop into Bump! for a martini . . . or four! Mary met up with us there, Jen ended up decided to call it a night so she and her beau headed out. Unfortunately Mary and I should have done the same. We went to Tavern, where it was packed because of some softball party, and then to Woodies, which wasn’t packed but was not fun at all. I don’t even want to rehash it, the night is best summed up by Mary shoving some drunk guy away from her near the end of the evening (for us) and us deciding we were done.

I don’t know what has happened to the gaybourhood, it used to be fun, now it’s kinda not. I know the crime rate in Philly is going up, and there were lots of seedy people hanging around outside the clubs, as well as a large police presence. I just don’t know, it’s unfortunate and sad.

Probably the best part of the evening was finally, after months, running into musicguy from Raging Rainbows.



One Response to “Still Waiting For The Fun To Begin!”

Musicguy Says:

Likewise!! It was so cool to finally meet you! And in the bathroom of all places. Hopefully, we’ll run into each other again soon.

I avoid Woodie’s for that very reason!