Lets all sing the ABC TGIF Song in our heads now! This evening/afternoon I head over to Philly where the fun is set to begin (I hope?). I’m meeting Jen and Kellie for dinner, I am also going to meet Jen’s new boy (Kellie has met him already, I haven’t). It should be a treat and hopefully the three of us together won’t completely chase him away. I’m still remembering how we somewhat ignored the last one when we were together . . . . We are meeting at Fados, which is an Irish Pub in the city. Hmm, that could be too much information, oh well hopefully I won’t be stalked! They have wicked good burgers so I can’t wait to get one. I think they have bread pudding for dessert too, so maybe I can make room for that as well (never mind the diet I’m supposed to be on, make that NEED to be on at this point). Of course Fados could be jammed packed, which it normally is on Fridays, which means we’ll have to go down the street to the Fox and Hound. Damn, please come stalk me tonight!. They are equally as good and they have a giant drink menu 🙂 Mary is then coming out to meet me, this is when the usual dancing portion of the evening begins. Tavern on Camac, 12th Air Command and Woodies could all be on the menu. Please don’t kill me! Emily is also going to try to come out if the rain stays away, which it is looking like it might at this point. If the party is ruined we know to “Blame It On The Rain, Yeah Yeah.” Hopefully it will be fun filled, and I hope all you guys and gals have something fun planned for Friday or the weekend.


PS I’ll try and take some photos of the pets this weekend, after the dogs get a bath though!

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