Upgrades, Errors, Shoutbox Oh My!

I attempted to upgrade my blog software this morning, another headache! I tried to do it the quick way, cheaters never win! Anyways it should be back. If anyone tried to get to it during the upgrade you may have seen the wrong page, an error page, or a page telling you your IP was banned. Sorry!

As for the shoutbox, I’ve located the spammers as being from two networks, one in Amsterdam and one in Asia. Since I’m pretty sure nobody in those countries is actually probably reading the blog, and because I am pretty sure these are corporate networks doing this, I’m banning their IPs one by one (fun!) If you get banned from the blog it takes you to a page that says you’ve been banned, gives you your IP and says if you think this has been in error to email me (my email is on the banned page). If you get the page please do email me 😛

If this starts happening I’ll have to make people register to use the shoutbox probably (which is why I had to upgrade the software in the first place this morning!)



3 Responses to “Upgrades, Errors, Shoutbox Oh My!”

Steve Says:

I know you’ve mentioned you were going to tweak some stuff. Looks good so far…


moby Says:

Well, looks like I didn’t get banned…


Dustin Says:

i had to lift all the bans, i did actually ban a friend lol!