Today has been a terrible day, which really sucks since it is the first day all week it hasn’t been rainy. Everything that could go wrong has today. I’ll type more about it later.

Right now I’m waiting for Kellie to come pick me up and give me a ride to Philly for this birthday party. I should not be going to it, I have eaten almost nothing today because my stomach has been upset and I’m in a terrible mood.

I have a bad feeling I’ll be breaking my carb free streak tonight, just like last Friday/weekend.


2 Replies to “Aggravating Day”

  1. Yesterday was a bad day for me too. First our owners to the place we are renting decided to sell the house. So we might have to move. The other thing is last night I decided to let my three kids stay with there aunty for two weeks, which they live like seven hours away from us. So now I am missing them like crazy!! But I really do need the break!! So I have to try and enjoy those two weeks with just me and my husband!! 🙂

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