So yesterday just wasn’t the greatest day. It all went wrong when I woke up around 5:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep due to stomach pains and issues, something the day before I had wasn’t agreeing with me at all. I was able to get an hours sleep in between 9 and 10am though.

The stomach issues lead to me eating almost nothing all day, which of course made me cranky.

My phone broke, dead dead dead. Not good at all since I was expecting people to call me that evening to arrange meetings and rides and such. Fortunately I borrowed my BFs old ass Nokia and put my sim chip in it. Time to get a new phone! I did that today.

Somehow (cats) some paint cans got knocked over in the basement. Paint everywhere! It’s an unfinished basement, but it was still a fricken mess to clean up.

The ugly ass and poorly constructed Ikea dresser in one of the guest rooms (where all my crap currently is kept) decided to fall apart. The bottom three drawers basically fell into one another. Half of my clothes are of course in them. Time to get new dressers! I’m going to Levitz tomorrow, they are having a going out of business sale. Otherwise it’s a consignment shop. Last resort will be back to Ikea, but after my experience with these (which I didn’t buy by the way), I’d rather not get more Ikea furniture.

Last night I did go to the surprise party. It was at this place called Cavanaughs on Del Ave. The company was great and a lot of fun, the rest of the people there? Not so much fun. It was split between twenty something college kids and forty somethings who were young at heart, yet often very scary. One couple, swear to God, their trailer must have been parked outside. They were that bad.

The service at the place was TERRIBLE. We could not get the bartenders in the main area to wait on us if we waved 100 dollar bills at them. They ignored us. One looked like Ashley Simpson, so we kept calling her that. Almost all of the bartenders actually were 18 year olds. Sure they look pretty for the boys, but they were terrible. Kellie and I had to seek out an abandoned bar to get our food from, all we really wanted was to order dinner!

I stayed there till around 11pm, then Mary called to meet up. We met in Center City and looked for a place to go. It just wasn’t my day or night. Tavern on Camac was just strangely odd last night. I mean they were playing “I’m Too Sexy!” It became very apparent quickly that most of the people there were on the prowl, so we left. Woodies was equally bad, it was also pretty dead. Everyone must be at the shore this weekend. Woodies was playing far too much hippoty hoppity stuff again, and once again the trailer trash was present. There was this couple there, I think they were running scams. The guy was a skinny white boy with bad teeth, REALLY bad teeth. The girl was a bit heavier and had a Tonya Harding look about her. She kept sending him off to dance and take his clothes off to his undies so he’d get dollars. I think she was also trying to pimp him out. Ew!

Eventually we left, I then had a long long long ass wait at the Patco for a Taxi home. People kept showing up and lingering about the Patco, and at 3am it sketches you out. One needed a cab and I actually had the cab service send 2 cabs. I was however afraid they wouldn’t, and he was going to somehow steal my cab. Fortunately I got my cab, I hope he got one too.

Back home and off to dreamland. Oh boy, fun dreams! We were on our cruise, and I kept getting into trouble. I kept walking through areas I wasn’t supposed to for some reason. I got pulled aside and red marks were put next to my name in the ship’s roster. Oh no! I also pissed off some woman by talking about something improper around her child. I apparently was rude to her at some point as well, telling her she was far to thin or something (something I would never ever do). She also complained to the ship’s people and got me into trouble. The one good thing was our cabin on the ship was huge, and the bathroom had a jacuzzi and everything. I remember thinking the cabin was bigger than my old apartment, wow!

Today I’ve been trying to focus on work 🙂 I did get a new phone, I had planned to go furniture shopping but just didn’t make it. Hopefully tomorrow.


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