Quickly snapped this last night when all three were on the couch together. I was working on the PC, which is why my laptop is to the side.

And before I get questions, here are the answers. The comforter was originally put on the couch so I could cover up in the cold winter while watching TV or movies. The dogs have unfortunately taken it over, and is smells like them. Yes I wash it, but within two days it smells like them. It does absorb their stinky smell so they smell less, so I can’t complain. The towel draped over the back of the couch was to put over a heating pad for when I get migraines. Unfortunately Nikko chewed up the heating pad. That reminds me, I need to buy a new one.


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  1. I never take their collars off just to be careful 🙂 If I lived somewhere that it might be hard for them to run out the front door maybe I would. I also walk them every 2-3 hours, so they go out alot (they are needy)

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