Author JK Rowling has announced that she will kill off two characters in the last Harry Potter book!

Noooooooooo! Most people expect Harry to be killed, don’t do it JK! Don’t kill Harry palease! I don’t want some sad ending to a series I have loved all this time. I think one of the deaths will be Voldemort for sure. The other? Possibly one of the other kids, though Snape might be more fitting. I have a feeling though Snape is going to turn out to be the unlikely hero of the whole series and the next headmaster of Hogwarts, though that should go to Mcgonagall.

Your thoughts?



5 Responses to “Don’t Do It JK!”

Becky Says:

I hope not either. I have enjoyed the Harry Potter series books as well as the movies !


DavidMO Says:

I hate to see one of the kids come to an end, but have a feeling that one will. If I had to guess it would be Ron. Harry would be too predictable esp, if Voldemont died also. And I agree Mcgonagall would be the best choice as next one in charge.


Becky Says:

Ron is one of my favorites, as he can always make me laught out loud when I read. But, I suppose the killings have to be big ones, so I guess I can see it being Ron, maybe trying to save Harry? I can also Snape being a hero somehow, but I would like to see McGonagall run the school. I can’t picture the two deaths being both Harry and Voldemort. I am hoping that JK keeps talking about Harry “maybe” not making it so no one guesses who really gets killed! Either way, I will still buy the 7th book and laugh and cry as I have done with the last six.


Aravis Says:

Hopefully not Harry, though I wouldn’t be taken completely by surprise. I agree Snape may very well turn out to be a hero. I never did buy his supposed villainy at the end of the last one. Who will die, other than Voldemort? Hm. There’s Ron of course. Perhaps Neville or Hagrid. I just don’t know, but I can’t wait until the book is in my hot little hands and I can read for myself! :0)


Martha Says:

I’m torn on who the 2nd person will be too. Voldemort is pratically a given, but I just don’t think Harry will die (maybe that’s wishful thinking). Snape is a possibility, I think. I didn’t buy into the whole “Snape’s really a bad guy” thing either. In fact, I’ve been wondering if he really hates Harry as much as we’ve been led to believe this whole time. I’m not saying he LIKES Harry, but maybe more of a grudging respect. Maybe he dies protecting Harry? Given that it’s two main characters who die, I can see it being Ron, Hagrid or Neville. McGonagall should be Head Master – I agree! I heard somewhere that JKR wrote the last chapter years ago, before the first book was even published. That way, she’s known where to go and how to get there all along. Pretty cool, in my humble opinion. As much as I’ve loved these books and as sad as I am to see this be the final book, I’m counting down the days to the release! 🙂